Thank You Notes from Shriners, Houston

Thank You Notes

"This envelope contains thank you notes written by some of the patients who have received bags from Tia's Hope. As you can imagine, they've had quite an impact for our families not just in terms of the monetary effect, but also the sentiment behind the gift. It makes everyone feel better to know that someone in the community is thinking about them in such a substantial way. It's amazing of us to be able to give out such "LOVE" to our patients and their families. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to do this."

-- Elizabeth Ferrer, Shiners Hospital for Children - Houston


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  • Thank you, Tia’s Hope, for leaving a gift bag at my daughter’s bedside yesterday at Cook Children’s Hospital PICU in Fort Worth. I had left for a brief moment to get a sandwich downstairs. When I returned, I looked around to see if someone was still there, but didn’t find anyone. Thank you for the gifts, they truly were appreciated. Thank goodness we only spent 13 days at the hospital.
    God bless you,
    Jane Vardiman

    Jane Vardiman on
  • Thank you so much Tia’s Hope when your sad and down you will never know what will come along and put hope and joy in your heart this was truly a blessing to me and my daughter thank God for organizations like this thank you guys

    Greer-Williams family on