Thank You Cards!

Thank You Notes from Shriners, Houston

Thank You Cards

"This envelope contains thank you notes written by some of the patients who have received bags from Tia's Hope. As you can imagine, they've had quite an impact for our families not just in terms of the monetary effect, but also the sentiment behind the gift. It makes everyone feel better to know that someone in the community is thinking about them in such a substantial way. It's amazing of us to be able to give out such "LOVE" to our patients and their families. We appreciate the opportunity to be able to do this. Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf."

-- Elizabeth Ferrer, Shiners Hospital for Children - Houston


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Shriners Hospital for Children, Houston - iPad Gifts!

We distributed some of the iPads you so generously sent us on December 23rd to patients who had been in the hospital for some time or who would be here over the Christmas holiday. The response from each one of the recipients was overwhelming! We gave the iPads in conjunction with some gift cards from another donor. Our hospital administrator made it a point to give the gift card to the parents as a gift to the family and then the iPad directly to the patient so each child would know it was specifically for them. The children were very, very excited and grateful for the gift. Everyone was in tears. It was touching and overwhelming for both the families and staff. One of the patients who received an iPad is Christian. He is a 17 year old, graduating high school senior who has been in the hospital for 10 weeks. Christian and his mother have gotten to know everyone at the hospital because they've been here for so long and because they are both so engaged with the treatment Christian has been receiving for his cleft lip and palate abnormality. As a graduating senior, Christian is focusing on gathering what he needs to go to college next year so receiving an iPad was especially meaningful for him. While he's been here he found it he was accepted to McPherson College in Kansas with a partial scholarship. McPherson was his first choice school and it's close home. He and his mother left the hospital yesterday and they said there are not enough thank you's to cover all that they have received from being at the hospital not just in terms of the medical treatment but also all the relationships and opportunities Christian has gained from being here. The iPad was one of the highlights for them. Thank you all for that.

-- Elizabeth Ferrer, Shiners Hospital for Children - Houston

"We don't know how to thank you enough!"

My Fiancé and I would like to thank you for everything! Our son was born with Gastroschisis on Oct. 10 and is still currently in the NICU he is currently doing well and is finally able to eat with a feeding tube. The $75 card was a big help with gas during the holidays. We live an hour away from the hospital so it really helped!!

We don't know how to thank you enough! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Tia's story touched all of our hearts!

-- Kaitlin Goras, Golisano Children's Hospital

"You totally brightened my son's day..."

A big thank you to your organization for the gift bag and gift card! You totally brightened my son's day. He spends alot of his life inpatient for surgeries or battling kidney infections stemming from a urethral birth defect. Thank you for letting us see his smile again.

-- Valerie Buskey, via Facebook